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The Interdisciplinary Centre “Sciences for Peace” (CISP-Centro Interdisciplinare Scienze per la Pace) is a “University Centre for Training and Research” established in 1998. CISP is a reference point for professors and researchers at the University of Pisa who wish to carry out research, training and teaching activities – or, more generally, cultural promotion – related to the construction of sustainable peace. With “sustainable peace” we mean not merely the absence (real or illusory) of war, but a goal to pursue by working for social justice, dealing with the non-violent resolution of conflicts, repudiating violent means and proscribing war in any case.

The Centre is only open to permanent lecturers at the University of Pisa (and, under current agreements, at the Scuola Normale Superiore or the Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento S. Anna). Collaboration agreements can be signed with other people or structures. 

Young people from the National Civic Service, interns and visiting professors can also participate in the activities of CISP. 

CISP participated in the Inter-University Research Consortium for Peace, Conflict Analysis and Mediation (CIRPAC). 

CISP has been identified as the National Coordination Centre of the Network of Italian Universities for Peace, established in 2019 (

In particular, CISP

· promotes, conducts and coordinates interdisciplinary studies and research related to the issues of peace and conflict management; 

· promotes and supports training and teaching experiments as well as initiatives related to peace education; 

· promotes, conducts and coordinates interdisciplinary studies and research related to the issue of international development cooperation; 

· encourages and coordinates the exchange of information and initiatives with other public or private actors interested in promoting a culture of sustainable peace; 

· promotes Civic Service at the national and regional levels.

CISP is subdivided into

· a Council, which annually approves the resource management plan, the planning of activities and the subsequent reporting activity; 

· a Director, designated by the Rector, who performs functions of initiative, promotion and coordination of activities ; the Director represents CISP, and also presides and convenes meetings of the Council and the Board, besides supervising the management of the Centre; 

· a Board, which assists the Director with preliminary tasks. 

The activities of the Centre are self-financed, i.e. they are supported thanks to remuneration from third parties, or by virtue of agreements in the framework of collaborations with public and private entities for the undertaking of institutional activities, and finally thanks to the resources deriving from training activities. 

Since 28 July 2014, CISP has been a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified body for the “Design and provision of post-graduate training activities in the field of Peace Studies”. 


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