Flavio Croce

Flavio is a joint researcher at CISP. He specializes in mediation and conflict transformation. As a freelancer, he carries out training activities, civil and criminal mediation as well as facilitation of groups and participatory processes. 

For CISP he is an accredited trainer for courses for “Civil and Commercial Mediators” and collaborates in coordinating and training activities for the Regional Civic Service. 


Giulia Nervi

Giulia is an expert in training courses in school and sports contexts. 

For CISP she has developed and conducted educational workshops on conflict management and peer mediation in schools, intercultural pedagogy, nuclear disarmament and environmental education. 

In addition, she oversees training for the Universal Civic Service and carries out classroom tutoring activities for the courses of the Centre. 


Federico Oliveri

Federico is a joint researcher at CISP. He completed his studies in Philosophical Disciplines at the Scuola Normale Superiore. He carries out research on citizenship, rights, migration, racism and labour exploitation, applying theories and methods of philosophy and sociology of law. 

For CISP he is the editorial secretary of the online magazine “Scienza e Pace / Science and Peace” and co-coordinator of “Scienza & Pace Magazine”. He organized the last four editions of the Higher Education Course “Rights and Migration”. He collaborates in the training of Universal Civic Service volunteers.